Human rights legislation is necessary to ensure people receive fair and equal treatment in society, because we all know human nature otherwise allows abuses and miscarriages of justice to take place. The main plank of human rights legislation in the world is the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The intention of recognising human rights in law is to create an emotional level playing field where people enjoy rights simply because they are a human being. Human rights provide a remedy where previously intolerance, prejudice or victimisation has existed, due to the unequal advantages that other people/groups have in society accrued by virtue of their gender, race, wealth, or privileged positions.

In some countries around the world human rights are denied or restricted, and people do not enjoy individual freedoms, such as the right to vote in elections, right to a fair trial, free speech, religious freedom or rights of association etc. Some suffer abuses and intolerances because of their race, ethnic or minority grouping, and opposing beliefs.

Human rights legislation is vital in creating a free, fair and transparent society because it helps to keep power – in the form of liberty and freedom of expression – fluid and available to all citizens. Unfortunately, human history has always shown, and continues to do so, that where power is allowed to accumulate unchecked, privileged and vested interests form around and then corrupt it for their own purposes at the expense of others in society.

For more information you may want to visit some of the following sites:-

Amnesty International
Organisation that campaigns worldwide on behalf of internationally recognised human rights. Together with Oxfam and IANSA, Amnesty is running a ‘Control Arms‘ campaign to push for a global arms trade treaty.

The British Institute of Human Rights
Charity that seeks to raise awareness of human rights and works with disadvantaged communities in the UK to ensure they receive appropriate treatment, especially from public services.

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
An independent, international, non-profit organisation, run by Amnesty International with leading academic institutions. It conducts research into the human rights records of corporations and lists misconducts as well as good practice.

Human Rights Watch
A non-government organisation that campaigns for and defends human rights around the world.

A non-government membership based organisation that campaigns for and defends human rights and civil liberties in the UK.

One World
One World is a charitable foundation that works with over 1600 organisations worldwide to deliver news and views on human rights and poverty issues.