Conservation issues and websites

Adequately protecting the environment requires a legal framework that recognises the fragility of habitats and vulnerability of threatened species. In many countries, areas of outstanding natural beauty, conservation areas or national parks are ways in which threatened habitats may gain legal status and protection that regulate human activity. Rare species likewise gain protection under the law. However, law enforcement in these areas can be a problem, due to its location – if the terrain is difficult or remote, inadequate funding, cultural indifference – where the law runs against local custom, or because of determined poaching.


The World Wildlife Fund has a website called Wildfinder mapping all the Species in the World and lists those endangered or at risk of extinction.


Many charities and pressure groups operate in these areas, highlighting concerns and promoting awareness, not only educating people but often encouraging governments to act. Products that are free of environmental contaminants and/or contain greenhouse gas substitutes are known as environmentally friendly. Generally they use natural ingredients rather than chemicals. Many environmentally friendly products can be found in our shopping directory.


Architectural and archaeological conservation are also areas where people, organisations and governments are involved worldwide to preserve examples of human development and culture. The United Nations Education Scientific Cultural Organisation ( recognises this through its World Heritage Sites programme.

Environmental & Wildlife Conservation sites

The Association of National Park Authorities

Government agency representing all of the UK national parks.

The Barn Owl Centre

The Barn Owl Centre is a charity promoting owl conservation in the UK.

The Barn Owl Trust

The Barn Owl Trust is a charity aimed at conserving the barn owl and its environment.

The Bat Conservation Trust

UK charity promoting bat conservation.

Birdlife International

A worldwide partnership of non-governmental organisations whose aim is to protect and promote birdlife through conservation programmes.

The British Naturalists Association

A membership based organisation promoting all aspects of natural history.

The British Deer Society

Charity promoting deer welfare.

The British Trust for Ornithology

Charity promoting bird conversation and appreciation through scientific research and data collection.

Butterfly Conservation

Charity dedicated to the promotion and protection of butterflies and moths, and their habitats.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England

Charity that promotes sustainability in the rural environment.

Canal & River Trust

Charity managing 2000 miles of canals and rivers in England and Wales.

English Heritage

Public body that advises Government on the historic environment of England. It manages many historic attractions.

The Environment Agency

Government department responsible for protecting the environment.

The Environmental Justice Foundation

Charity dedicated to exposing environmental abuses around the world.

Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

Charity promoting city farms and community gardens througout the UK.

The Field Studies Council

An educational charity that provides learning opportunities to schoolchildren and adults on the environment at centres around the UK.

Fix the Fells

A 10 year project started in 2002 to repair footpaths in the Lake District National Park. It is a partnership of various organisations including the The Lake District National Park Authority, The National Trust and English Nature. They are supported by The Lake District Tourism and Conservation Partnership and Friends of the Lake District, individual donations and by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Friends of the Earth International

A federation of autonomous environmental organisations represented in 70 countries across the world. It campaigns for environmental and social justice, promoting sustainability. The UK Friends are charities.
The England, Wales and N.Ireland Website is at
The Scottish Website is located at

The Forest Stewardship Council

Registered charity that internationally promotes responsible and sustainable tree felling and logging. It certifies wood so you know it has come from a well managed forest.


A non profit organisation representing worldwide campaigning for the protection of the environment and wildlife.

Green Space

A registered charity which works to improve parks and green spaces by raising awareness, involving communities and creating skilled professionals.

The Joint Nature Conservation Committee

The UK Governments wildlife advisor. It is comprised of English Nature, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Countryside Council for Wales.

The Marine Conservation Society

UK charity dedicated to caring for our seas, shores and wildlife.

Moors for the Future

A partnership project part-funded by the Heritage Lottery to restore parts of the peak district moors.

The National Trust

Charity that seeks to protect and conserve threatened coastline, countryside and buildings.

Natural England

A Government agency that promotes the conservation of wildlife and the preservation of wild landscapes in England.

The Natural Environment Research Council

Monitors the natural environment through scientific research and survey.

One World Wildlife

British based conservation charity that undertakes and supports ecological research, sustainable development initiatives and environmental education projects.

Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime

A multi-government agency group promoting the enforcement of wildlife conservation legislation.

Peoples Trust for Endangered Species

Conservation charity created in 1977 to ensure a future for endangered species throughout the world. They help all sorts of species but have a special focus on the UKs native mammals.

The Rainforest Foundation

The mission of the Rainforest Foundation is to support indigenous people and traditional populations of the world’s rainforests in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfil their rights.

The Royal Forestry Society

Charity founded in 1882 – promotes woodland and forestry conservation.

Scottish Canals
Charity managing canals and rivers in Scotland.

Scottish Natural Heritage

Scottish Executive agency established to protect and preserve the wildlife, habitats and landscape of Scotland.

The Shark Trust

Charity established in 1997 to promote the study, management, and conservation of sharks, skates and rays (elasmobranchs) in the UK and internationally.

Tree Nation

Barcelona, Spain.
We don’t usually list companies outside of the UK, but we liked this idea so much we decided to make an exception. Transactions are processed in EUR. They are aiming to plant 8 million trees in the shape of a giant heart in the Nigarian desert to fight climate change and poverty.

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

Charity promoting the conservation of wetlands. It has 9 visitor centres around the UK.

The Wildlife Trusts

An organisation of 47 local wildlife charitable partnerships grouped together under the guidance of The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts. They exist to promote the conservation of all wildlife in the UK.

The Wild Trout Trust

Charity promoting the conservation of wild trout in Britain and Ireland.

The Woodland Trust

Charity promoting the conservation and protection of natural woodlands in the UK.

The World Wildlife Fund

Charity established since 1961 to promote environmental protection and conservation of wildlife.

Young Peoples Trust for the Environment

YRTENC is an educational charity raising environmental awareness among young people.

Conservation Volunteer Projects

Biosphere Expeditions

This is a non profit organisation managing worldwide wildlife conservation projects.

British Trust For Conservation Volunteers

Charity that runs green conservation projects & holidays in the UK and Worldwide.

Community Service Volunteering

Charity that organises volunteering and learning opportunities in the community.


A non-profit organisation managing worldwide voluntary scientific and conservation projects.

Environment Job

Company advertising environmental employment and volunteering opportunities on the internet.

The John Muir Trust

Volunteering opportunities for conservation projects on their properties in Scotland.

Reef Doctor

UK not-for-profit organisation conducting coral reef research, conservation and awareness in the Toliara region of South West Madagascar. Volunteer Research Assistant placements ranging from six weeks to three months.

Volunteer Latin America

A gateway to hundreds of environmental and humanitarian organisations throughout Mexico, Central and South America that provide a source of affordable voluntary work and internships.