5 Beginner Ways to Live More Ethically at Home

If you want to start enjoying a more ethical lifestyle, there are various small changes you can implement, which can make a large difference. Plus, you don’t have to go far – these changes can start in the comfort of your home.

For some beginner tips, here are five ways to live more ethically in your house.

1. Start from the floor up

Is that shabby carpet or worn down wooden flooring in your living room ready for a replacement? If so, make sure you replace it with sustainable flooring that’s going to last a lifetime.

When searching for the right choice in that regard, hardwood flooring makes a lot of sense. This is because it is built to last if you select from a reputable brand. Not to mention that it also delivers the contemporary, fashionable design you seek from your flooring.

2. Forget to flush

Okay, you might want to avoid doing this when you have guests over. However, it is highly recommended that you limit the number of times you flush your toilet each day. According to Water Wise, flushing the toilet is responsible for approximately 30% of the water used in the average home.

If you don’t want to overly limit the number of times you flush, there is an alternative option. You can place something within the cistern, such as Hippo the Water Saver, to restrict the water flushed away.

3. Ditch the bath

Sticking with the bathroom, another way to conserve water is to avoid going for a soak in the tub. In comparison to a bath, it is said that going for a shower will only use around a third of the water.

With that said, this is dependent on the shower you use. Modern power showers, for instance, can often use as much water as a bath. If you don’t want to give up this power, certain showers can be fitted with a simple flow regulator to limit water usage.

4. Energy-saving appliances

An ethical home needs to feature energy-saving equipment. While this is an investment that isn’t cheap initially, it’s important you look towards the long-term benefits. So instead of sticking with that old washing machine, which is guzzling through your electric bill, replace it with a model that is Energy Saving-recommended.

The same logic also applies to various other appliances in your house, whether it’s a refrigerator or your light bulbs.

5. Keep it cool

There’s no need to crank up your central heating. While it is always nice to feel warm and cosy during those cold winter months, there are other ways of doing this rather than turning the heating up. Plus, did you know that, according to a recent study, almost 18 million UK homes could save £1.4 billion by simply turning their thermostat down by 1C?

As for alternative methods to stay warm, you could simply stick a jumper on, get wrapped up in your duvet, or even invest in a low-energy electric blanket.