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Greenfibres has been selling eco goods and garments for over 20 years. We specialise in offering customers the most organic and natural clothing and bedding, which protects the producers, it protects the environment, it even protects yourself as conventional cotton can have many thousands of chemical residues on them which will soak into your skin and can cause allergies.

If you want to make a positive change, and support a better future, then start with small changes in making your lifestyle a little bit healthier by switching to organic cotton. It’s strong, long lasting and will biodegrade once you’ve finished using it, so you can feel really good about what you wear.

Organic certification sets very strict social and economic conditions for farmers and buyers which gives the growers a fair wage, safe working conditions and a good price for their produce from buyers. This helps to reduce poverty within a farming community and protects against child labour and inhumane treatment.

Organic cotton is grown and produced without the use of toxic chemicals which means that the health and safety of the growing communities and the risk to the environment is much less compared to conventional cotton.

Organic cotton does not get treated with any chemicals when being woven into fabric and does not get treated with toxic finishing chemicals such as formaldehyde which is used as a fire retardant or ‘easy iron’ finish on the garments.

Conventional cotton garments can have up to 8000 synthetic chemicals routinely used at some stage during its manufacture.

Organic cotton does not allow the use of any genetically modified seeds which helps to protect natural biodiversity and ecology.

We offer customers a personal service, and take a thoughtful approach to all aspects of the product manufacturing and trading experience. We’ve helped to grow the organic textile market overall in the past 20 years and are confident that green solutions will build a brighter, more just, future. If you are looking for a cosy organic cotton pillowcase, bespoke textile items for your organisation, fluffy Soil Association certified towels, organic and natural skincare that really works, a firm but bouncy natural and organic mattress, or some really comfortable socks, have a look at our website, you’ll find all those things and many more. If you’re down in the West Country, please do visit our shop and showroom for all your organic and natural needs!

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